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BTC: 17EchonANPb7gRPoyMiTaF54GBHi1WgcY8
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LTC: 3MbCUckJHNRgLsNWnmTjCd3sJrWX8Mom4x

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If you have never used Bitcoin before, here are some video tutorials for the VirWox (which you can buy BTC with Paypal).

VirWox is simpler and doesn’t require any (identity) verification. It works in every country, but there is a small fee to every transaction that goes through it.

When withdrawal bitcoins from VirWox, if you want to donate to me, paste not your bitcoin address, but this one: 17EchonANPb7gRPoyMiTaF54GBHi1WgcY8