Tips to play Roulette online

Tips to play Roulette online

Heard about the Russian roulette? If not, the Oxford definition of Russian roulette is “the practice of loading a bullet into a chamber of a revolver, spinning the cylinder, and then pulling the trigger pointing the gun at someone’s head”. Though the online casino roulette doesn’t involve a bullet, here are a few similarities between the Russian roulette and the casino roulette. Both involve “spinning” and “one’s head”.

Roulette is known as a game of luck but as rightly said, luck depends on the choices we make. Here are a few ways to maximize your chances of success when you play this great game, whether that be at an online casino or a land-based one. Let’s figure it out

Know your table layout- You’ll find that each variant has a slightly different roulette table layout, leading to discrepancies in house edge and therefore your potential winnings. The variant which gives players the best return on their bets is European Roulette, which has a house edge of 2.63%

Inside ‘out’ -if you want to play safe, avoid playing inside straighten up bets as that as has a payout 35:1. Even Money Bets have the best odds, 1:1. It is advisable to bet on columns or dozens which has a payout of 2. It is the choice of the player to decide the bets but it is advisable to go slow and steady.

Multiplayer Roulette

It is always fun when you have company. Choose a table that has a large number of participants. You can get a fair amount of experience by watching other’s games. This is what makes multiplayer roulette online so great. You still play against home, but other players are on the table with you.

Colours & Combinations

 Some combinations can do wonders.

Combination bets increase your odds of winning. If you want to play a combination bet, you can choose to do so by placing bets on two numbers, three numbers, four numbers or six numbers. In addition, you can combine numbers with colors. This way betting gives you a much better payout rate than your normal bet.

Roulette Game

Double double toil & trouble- The Martingale Strategy.

 Martingale strategy is one of the most well-known systems when it comes to betting online. It is a very simple strategy that is based on doubling the bets. For example, if you start by betting £30 on black and it comes in red double your next bet to £60 on red. You need to keep on doing this until it lands on a black and this will cover your losses. The only thing to think about before embarking on this strategy is whether you have enough money to lose before that first winning spin

An easy to learn the game, roulette is one of the most exciting sport in a casino and one that attracts a lot of players – physically or virtually.

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Options available for casino deposits

Options available for casino deposits

The beginning of different online casino games sites has created many opportunities for the online gamblers to try various casino games without even stepping out of the comfort of their homes. These online casinos provide the same games to play that one can enjoy at the conventional casinos and the best thing is that to enjoy these online games one does not need to spend a single penny and can play them at any time when they wish.

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casino deposits

The first concern for any online user should be the opening of the online account at the casino site One can use several ways to open the same. So before creating the account just think about the method which would be the best for you.

One of the ways is to connect both your gaming account and checking account together. It may be a little consuming for you to make your initial deposit as the casino site may take some time to validate your gaming account. Once the account is confirmed by the site you can deposit and withdraw the money without any problem.

Some players may find it difficult to make direct online transactions may opt for another way such as they can go for Netteller or Firepay these are extremely safe means and hold your money for you and are authorized to make or withdraw money from your gaming account and even from your checking account as requested by you. These sites are highly safe and secure. It may take some time for your money to get deposited in your checking account. The players can also bank upon the intermediary site to send them a check for any amount in their account.

Even the gaming site can also send the check to the player’s account if he wants  but this may be a little time consuming as the check needs more time to be processed and then delivered.

Once the player signs up to the site all of their deposit options will be made clear following which a cashier menu on the site will send you the links which the players can use to deposit or withdraw their money choosing the option of their choice.

When the user makes up his mind to withdraw his cash he will receive a transaction ID that needs to keep for records in case any problem or delay occurs while transferring the funds. Once you deposit in your account you will get a message informing you that your funds have been received and are ready to be used on the casino site.

A few sites like PartyGaming helps you to set a deposit limit. This is of great help for those with impulse control. The deposit limit assists the gambler to keep a check on their gaming activities. Once you decide the amount it will not be easy for you to exceed the limit that you have fixed for a week. But if you want to make a change in your set limit it will require 24 hours to change.

The user should go for that system which they are confident at using while making a deposit or withdrawing their deposits.

Side Bets in Blackjack

Side Bets in Blackjack

Blackjack is undoubtedly a popular casino game that attracts players from different corners of the world. Blackjack has become famous owing to the simple gameplay and easy to master techniques. The rules are so simple to comprehend that even newbies can master it effortlessly. When you think of blackjack it is imperative to be aware of the terminologies. One of the commonly associated terms with blackjack is Side bets. Side bets refer to the additional bets placed during a standard game of Blackjack. The side bets are dependent more on luck rather than skill. Blackjack side bet requires a small wager but has the potential to award you with a lump sum amount as a pay-out. Side bets offer a fast-paced game and are well suited for the players who are constantly looking for the adrenaline rush. So if you are a player who is not scared of taking risks and who constantly craves a higher pay-out then the side bet is the most reliable option for you.

Let’s dig deeper into the common side bets at most casinos

There are here main Blackjack side bets which are – Insurance, Perfect Pairs and 21+3


This refers to a special side bet which allows the player to stake half of the amount of original bet to the dealer. The insurance bet becomes available only after the first two cards have been dealt with. The insurance covers half the original wager and hence it is considered as a good bet 

Perfect Pairs

This is a synonym of an easy side bet. It offers players 30 to 1 on Payouts. The probability of getting a perfect pair remains to be 7/415 or about 1 in 59. 


Considered to be the best side bet in Blackjack, this particular side bet involves two cards of the players. It can payout for several different combinations as explained below:

Flush- Here all cards are suited and pay 5:1

Straight- Here all cards are consecutive and pay 10:1

Three of a kind: This refers to the consecutive cards of the same suit and it pays 40:1

Suited Triple: it refers to three of the same card and it pays 100:1

In general, Side bets offer higher house edge. You are recommended to try your luck on the side bets that have the lowest house edge. Blackjack side bets give you the chance of playing much longer odds and can offer up to 5000:1 in some scenarios.

There are other side bets which are quite popular. Some of the well-known Blackjack side bets are Lucky Ladies, Lucky Lucky, Perfect Pairs, Royal Match, Super 7 etc.

The side games make the games extremely engaging. Through hard work and by employing the right strategies you can augment your success rate and minimize the house edge. The returns do not reflect the odds hence rendering the house a significantly larger edge. Hence if you are tired of the long and tedious session in the Blackjack table and are looking out for some instant fun then the side bets in Blackjack can possible the best choice for you.

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How to be a responsible gambler

How to be a responsible gambler

Too much of anything is good for nothing. Humans have always enjoyed gambling. At the beginning of civilization, humans would gamble their lives to hunt wild animals in an attempt to gather food. Though that was a necessity at that point, the human nature of wanting to take some chances has remained the same. 

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A  Responsible Gambler

 While gambling (both online and offline) can be great fun, it can also have some dire consequences. It is often seen that sometimes people become so addicted that they end up losing everything. Unlike drug or alcohol people find the addiction of gambling less damaging but if you do a deep dive you will find many cases where gambling wreck havoc on a person’s life. While gambling can be a great source of fun, it is important to learn the difference between responsible gambling and problem gambling. Let’s find out a few things to keep in find while gambling

A paid Entertainment

Remember why you started gambling in the first place? Most people start gambling as a way to escape. It’s important to treat it like a movie ticket or a fair ride. You enjoy the experience and if you win something extra, nothing like that. The point is to ENJOY the experience.

Say no to drugs or drinks while gambling- Be it in life or gambling, making informed decisions is very important. Decisions made under the influence of alcohol are often regretted later. Be a responsible gambler. Don’t drink and play(or drive)

One can never have too much money-

Setting a budget is one of the most essential elements of responsible gambling. At the heat of the moment, you might feel like betting everything you have, that is exactly when you need to remember that it’s time to stop

Know the game

To become a master of the game, you first need to learn the rules of the game. Most of the online casino websites offer free/demo games. Use it to your advantage.learn how the game works before investing real money. It is always advisable to make informed decisions.

A Responsible Gambler

Watch out the below signs to identify problem gambling

  • Can’t concentrate anywhere except gambling
  • No interest in daily activities like going for a walk or spending time with family
  • Spending more than you can afford
  • Betting more money to get back what you lost
  • Resorting to fraud or theft to arrange money for gambling

Going bankrupt

Educate yourself about problem gambling- If you think you have developed a gambling addiction, try to educate yourself about problem gambling, talk to a specialist before its too late. 

How helpful is a real bonus in casinos?

This is the most important bonus in a web casino because it is the one that permits you to receive additional winnings. Ready to play a true Casino Bonus on any game and you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

A no deposit bonus is given by a casino to its players, to permit them to enjoy slots and other games without having to deposit any money. Usually, players will still get to register with the casino to enjoy these bonuses, but the free cash free spins offered are an excellent thanks to getting to understand the casino better.

How helpful is a real bonus in casinos?


You can play the important Casino Bonus on any games of the web casino. The web casinos that add restrictions to the games where you will play the important Bonus are only a few. With the important Bonus, you will have more opportunities to win because you will bet this “extra credit” and withdraw the winnings that you simply will make. You will win real money albeit you do not have money in your account!

The customers aim to urge an additional bankroll at their disposal. Regarding statistical research, the chances to realize awards at online betting houses are realistic enough. Players can exercise mathematics to specify the Return to Player (RTP), reasonable rollovers or wagering requirements, both positive/negative Expected Values of video games, testing them within the free version. The last issues depend upon gamers’ skills, the knowledge of the software, balance features, and prize pools.

 real bonus in casinos

The most common sort of bonus is that they play only a bonus. During this case, your bonus money is kept during a separate account and may only be wont to wager – you will never withdraw any bonus money. Whenever you create a bet, the cash comes out of your bonus balance.

If you win, the first bet returns to your bonus balance, and therefore the winnings attend your real balance. These winnings are yours to withdraw once you have got satisfied the wants, but you will never withdraw money from your bonus balance.

When a player makes his introduction on a true money casino site, he notices nothing but generous bonuses before he notices a collection of games for a play. It is meant to be that way. A casino bonus takes the form of free spins, deposit matching in bonus cash, or maybe bitcoin, extra cash, or spins without deposit needed.


How does a deck size matter in blackjack?

Blackjack is a very popular game and preferred by millions of casino players. Along with high payouts, it has interesting gameplay. In the below article we will discuss how a deck size plays an important role for Blackjack. A deck size represents the number of cards in a set. An increasing size in deck decreases the winning chance in blackjack. With one deck, the likelihood of winning is 4.83%. With 2 decks, it is 4.78%. With 6 decks It will go directly down to 4.75%. In this way, less the measure of decks and rules in Blackjack brings about a superior likelihood of drawing a Blackjack. 

How does a deck size matter in blackjack?

Despite the underlying card extents being equivalent, in games with fewer decks, you will be managing more blackjacks. You will even be increasingly fruitful in your twofold downs. This is because expelling cards have more effect during a game with fewer decks. 

While a couple of players can play a genuine round of 21 utilizing it together or two decks, gambling club blackjack is most commonly played with six to eight decks of customary 52 playing a game of cards, barring jokers. 

Twofold deck blackjack

Blackjack is common in the gambling clubs. Though a large portion of the cards is commonly removed from play after the mix, a few players have solid emotions for the game. 

In case you are at a six-deck game, and subsequently, the initial six cards are little ones, the tally per remaining deck (the genuine tally) remains only a touch more than 1 since there is only a touch yet 6 decks staying to be played. To work out truth tally, partition the ‘running’ tally by the measure of decks staying to be played. 

Twofold deck blackjack

At the point when you are playing a fundamental blackjack system, it does not affect what rate players there are at the table. Most blackjack players would be progressively playing at full tables all together that they are setting off to at least lose at a slower rate. In any case, you are utilizing a productive winning methodology, similar to the office Blackjack Strategy; at that point, you will need to play as quickly as conceivable since this may expand your rewards every hour. 

Many blackjack fans consider Single Deck Blackjack because it gives players the least difficult opportunity to expand their bankroll. It is imperative to remember that, blackjack games that are played distinctly with one or several decks have a lower house edge than Multi Deck Blackjack games. 

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Few astonishing facts about Blackjack

Few astonishing facts about Blackjack

facts about Blackjack

Blackjack is a one of the most fascinating gambling game and there are many great facts that can be learned. Known as the thinker’s gambling game, blackjack is an extremely widely played casino game. As a matter of fact, in the United States, it’s the most popular table game in any gambling hall. Over the years, the game has managed to attract regular people, professionals and even royalty.

But how much do you really know about blackjack?

Lets find out few fascinating facts about blackjack

1.Blackjack initially originated in France and later improvised by America. You see, be it roulette or blackjack, nothing can escape the American influence

2. Blackjack was first described in a collection of short stories by Miguel de Carventes, the author of Don quixote

3. Blackjack got its name from a French term- Vingt-et-Un, meaning 21. When players first started playing, gambling establishments offered a payout of 10:1 if the hand contained a black jack. The name stuck and  become popular all over the world.

4. In the beginning of the 19th century, blackjack was banned in the United States and was not allowed until Las Vegas casinos and gaming parlours emerged.

5. The longest blackjack game was played in the August of 2001 at the Oracle Casino in Malta. It lasted for 51hours and 33 minutes. 

6. Eleanore Dumont, popularly known as Madame Moustache, was the first professional blackjack player in America. Later, she opened her own gaming establishment.

7. Opened in 2002, the Blackjack Hall of Fame is located in Barona Casino in San Diego, California. It honours some of the greatest game players, experts and authors of gambling industry which includes Arnold Snyder, Ken Uston, Darryl Purpose and Don Schlesinger.

8. When the card dispenser was invented it resembled a women’s high heeled shoe. This is the reason why the card dispenser is known as ‘shoe’ in the game.

9. player inserts a  “cut card”  a blank, plastic card, into a deck to let the dealer know when the cards need to be shuffled

10. Discarded cards are placed in a translucent red trays. With the help of a mirror, the dealers and security teams can spot the cards that have been daubed.

11. The dealer will always have a slight edge over the player. This is why gamblers end their blackjack game 44% of the time, whereas the dealer grabs 48% of all hands.

12. Al Francesco incorporated the ‘team play’ concept in blackjack. Later, when he started to use Thorp’s strategies, many casinos have banned him.

13. Napoleon Bonaparte, a popular French military leader was one of the greatest fan of the game. He was often seen playing blackjack whenever he was excited.

14. In a single deck blackjack, the chance of getting a natural 21 is around 4.8% in. However, this can change based on how many decks are being used.

15. Beat the Dealer, a book written by Edward Thoro, details the mathematical aspects of the game. Thor is also known as the Father of Card Counting.

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Kavouras Bet Roulette Strategy

Kavouras Bet Roulette Strategy

The Kavouras Roulette System has been developed by an accomplished Roulette player named Kavouras. He has been playing Roulette for years and learned tons from his experiences within the casino. A Kavouras bet includes 20 numbers. The interesting thing about is that this strategy is that each one of these numbers needs to be scattered around the wheel.

Roulette Strategy

While most roulette strategies are designed to be used on bet alternatives that give double the stake back, Kavouras Bet is meant to hide 20 different numbers on the table through different bet alternatives, creating a particular betting pattern.

Most experienced Roulette players use a technique in this game. Just a couple of them uses the Kavouras System, although it is gaining popularity. This unique strategy has been invented by knowledgeable Roulette player and it is praised by other players tons.

Although the Kavouras strategy works for a few players, you continue to need tons of luck. Yes, it would help if you read and analyse the sport, but you cannot predict winning or losing with any system. A winning strike cannot continue forever. The hit and run strategy make Kavouras worthwhile though, and it is interesting to find out about this upcoming Roulette strategy.

The Kavouras strategy is predicated on a chaotic and varied betting amount. You place back many numbers, with tons of hits as a result. Consistent with inventor Kavouras, this is a flexible strategy. It also makes the Kavouras System unique.

The Kavouras strategy is an interesting betting system designed for roulette. In contrast, the bulk of betting systems is often applied to a good sort of game where there are two, equally likely outcomes like in flipping coins. This method, however, ditches the normal wagering on even-money bets like red/black, high/low, and even/odd, and instead, allows players to form inside bets. The thought is that these bets disburse far more than the standard 1:1 pay-out for red or black, for instance

Roulette Strategy

The Kavouras strategy is preferred by the players as it is the simplest system for roulette and by covering most of the numbers on the wheel, it effectively beats the chances. This sounds true – with this bet, gamblers play with 20 numbers, which suggests they need 20 ways to win and 17 ways to lose on each spin (we will take the single-zero European and French roulette games for this example). The Kavouras bet covers 54% of the wheel, and winning spins are expected to occur more often than losing ones.

In reality, so as for the Kavouras bet or the other bet for that interest is effectively guaranteeing winnings over the end of the day, it should be advantageous to the player and not the casino. The house edge is that the precise indication of this because it compares truth odds of a bet, the pay-out offered if it wins, and therefore the actual probability of winning.

Many people might suggest a red or black bet is that the safest. This is often untrue because they are still suffering from the house edge. A bet like red may mean you will win more often, but it is no different too depending on 18 numbers. Except with betting 18 numbers, a minimum of your bets can represent a selected wheel sector.

The gambling market in Asia explained

The gambling market in Asia explained

According to the experts’ reports, at present, the fastest-growing market within the world is that the Asia-Pacific region. Generally, the Asian-Pacific market features a tendency to extend gambling revenues, also because of the spread of legalization. Nowadays, countries with legalized gambling make huge profits, and in states where gambling is against the law, offshore casinos are very fashionable. Below, we will take a better check out the main countries within the gambling market of the Asia-Pacific region.

The gambling market in Asia

The Chinese Sports Lottery has a monopoly on all sports betting with the country. Albeit it is extremely popular within the country, online betting is within the main part illegal; and operators, agents also as promoters are often tracked down by authorities. China is home to a variety of various sorts of betting like lotteries, sports markets, and slot machines. a number of the sorts of betting available are illegal with non-approved sites, like poker, various casino games and sports betting.

Macau is typically called Asian Las Vegas: its casinos generate an annual income of quite thirty billion dollars, which may be a few times quite the income from casinos in Las Vegas. The absence of a tax on winnings in Macau makes this region a favorite among serious gamblers.

In Hong Kong, some sorts of gambling are legal goodbye as they are managed by the Hong Kong club, who are sponsored by the govt and include gambling activity like depending on football matches, racing, and lotteries. Mahjong is additionally allowed in Hong Kong, but poker is especially operated in an underground format. thanks to the other sort of gambling being illegal and therefore the fact it may result in harsh penalties, people from Hong Kong generally like better to visit Macau to participate in gambling activities.


Japan allows some sorts of gambling, but online gambling is not allowed and overall it is heavily controlled and restricted. Lottery, some depending on sports and scratch cards are legally permitted. The Japanese Government cannot however stop people from accessing foreign gambling sites; and albeit there are tight regulations, sports betting and gambling are extremely popular. More complex betting activities like live sports, poker and betting with fixed odds are usually accessed via international gambling sites.

In Singapore gambling, as an entire is banned and therefore the country has within the recent past blocked an outsized number of offshore gambling sites and made it illegal to use unauthorized gambling sites. For the primary time in a few years, a bill on the legalization of gambling in Singapore was considered, in 2005. 

Should a gambling enthusiast use a casino bonus or not?

Should a gambling enthusiast use a casino bonus or not?

The casino world has taken a top-notch over the years now and has made people rich in an overnight. Owing to this opportunity that it offers, many have even called their job quits to join the gambling league. After all, it does not require hard work and just the presence of mind and luck quotient. As a fresher trying to make an entry to the vast world of gambling, one may find ample number of online casinos. And the most alluring thing, ‘the bonuses’. Bonuses can entice people and make them fall for it. But wait! There are a few self-assessment questions that you need to answer before you use it. Read further to know what should be there on your questionnaire:

Is the casino I am choosing safe and reliable?

Not all casinos are safe to play, with the casino industry expanding day by day, there have been many entrants who are just there to bluff and loot. So before you join a casino and avail various bonuses, conduct thorough research to determine whether the casino you are planning to join is legit. Ensure that you do not fall for the glitz and glory, instead run a check yourself to enrol in trusted and reliable casinos.

Are the bonuses for you?

Another thing to remember is that all sorts of alluring bonuses may not be valid in your country. There are certain country limitations, and thus you need to check out the same. Every casino that you may come across offering some exciting bonuses may not accept casino freaks from all the countries around the world. So consider digging out the details so that you can determine whether you would be able to grab the casino bonuses that you find highly captivating.

Are the bonuses for all games?

Sometimes the casinos may show bonus offers on their home page, and you may think it to be applicable for all games in that particular casino. But that may be a trap for you to fall for! There are different kinds of bonuses, and they might be restricted to fewer games. So before you start playing, ensure that the game you are playing offers those bonuses which made you play the game.

use a casino bonus or not?

What about the maxim pay out limits?

You may come across casinos that have maximum pay-out limitations. They may have specific terms and conditions for the same; therefore, you need to check it out beforehand for your own good.


Now since you know the questions that should hit your mind to take advantage of the casino bonuses, the next thing coming in the array is whether you should use it or not? Take it as my personal suggestion, ‘do use it when you get a chance,’ after all it’s free. Just in case your luck favours, you can be the lucky one who mines out some real money. Especially for novices who are planning to make an entry to the gambling world should surely take advantage of the casino bonuses to kick start their gambling journey.